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As you prepare to sell your home let our Seller’s Guide help you get the best price and your home sold quickly.

Preparing Your Home For Sale

You have to ask yourself…If I were looking for a new home what would I be looking for. Your home has to first and foremost be priced to compete with listings that are comparable to your home. If you overprice your home it will result in you getting LESS money in the end.

Why choose a Realtor with Rod Snow Real Estate

Selling your home is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. Choose a Realtor with Rod Snow Real Estate because of our knowledge and expertise in our market. We have extensive connections and access to resources that can get your home sold faster and at a higher price than if you were selling it yourself.

Our Realtors are ready to offer you suggestions on getting your home ready to place on the market. We are assertive and will always give you truthful/helpful information.

Selling a home is a full-time job. Our Realtors are on the job 7 days a week and are ready to answer questions, schedule showings, attend marketing campaigns, and prepare ads to be placed on major internet sites that are avenues to buyers.

Our Realtors have your best interests in mind. They will help negotiate the best deal for your home.

We will handle all of the paperwork and make sure that your transaction is taken care of through the closing.

  • You need to remove all signs of deterioration to the interior and exterior of home
  • Make sure all landscaping looks as fresh as possible
  • Cut back shrubs
  • If concrete drive has cracks-repair them
  • Add rock to the drive if necessary
  • Play up the visual appeal of your patio or porch
  • Paint exterior if it looks tired
  • Powerwash the exterior of the house
  • Replace old or broken light fixtures
  • Clean gutters
  • If your house has pets, it is absolutely essential that your house does not smell like you have them
  • If you take pictures down, be sure to fill in the nail holes, and paint.
  • Clean the fireplace
  • Keep furniture to a minimum
  • Make sure there is no peeling wallpaper, check the condition of the carpet…does it need stretched?

These are a few items that you can do to get your home ready. We will be a happy to schedule and appointment with you to give you specific items to address before putting your home on the market and give you an opinion of the best list price for your home



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